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  • Thursday, December 29, 2005


    "Evolution in Action" is apprently Science Magazine's "Breakthrough of the Year."

    How easy this column must be to write, if all you need to do is write about a scientific concept that was formed, oh, a century or two ago and just write "in action" after it.

    What do you suppose will be the breakthrough of the year for 2006?

    The Germ Theory of Disease in Action
    The Theory of Relativity in Action

    To be honest, these things sound better with a hyphen and an exclamation point:

    Breakthrough of the Year: Evolution - In Action!

    Wait, let's add a grunt (conjure up a mental image of a bodybuilder flexing his bicep) at the end, for emphasis:

    Breakthrough of the Year: Evolution - In Action! (Hnngh!)

    Much better.
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